Saturday, November 12, 2016

Big Thumb Car Rental Guide

Big Thumb Rent-A-Car Ventures 


The primary goal held by Big Thumb Rent-A-Car Ventures has been achieved, which is to provide its clients with premium car rental services in both Penang and Langkawi Island in Malaysia.  The main offices of the company are located in Langkawi at Langkawi Mall and in Penang at Plaza Ivory.

Our company has built its reputation on delivering high customer satisfaction and great service. We are well-known for our Airport drop-off and pick-up service that we provide to our guests.  This is why our cars can been seen at the airports in Malaysia's major areas.  

Our strong organization enables us to deliver unique services to attract customers.  Our commitment to our services and clients is clear in the car rental experiences that we provide that enables you to drive in brand new rental cars.

Our company has been praised by customers in hundreds of reviews.  That inspires us to continue to be dedicated to provide excellent service that far surpasses what our competition has to offer.  Visit the leading tourist destinations in Langkawi and Penang using our high quality cars for your trip.

Why renting a car in Penang is so important.   

Penang's public transportation is not very reliable.  There is not the same bus service experience there that you find in large cities that are a part of major urban areas.  Also when traveling to multiple destinations taxi fares are very expensive.  

That's why getting a car rental for driving around to reach your tourist and hotel areas around and in Penang is so practical.  Big Thumb Rent-A-Car offers both budget-friendly and luxury car service rates to our customers so that you can enjoy the entire island.  

Why renting a car in Langkawi is so important.

Malaysia's beautiful island of Langkawi has numerous tourist area.  That's why it's a very good idea for booking a car rental before ever stepping foot on the island.  That will allow you to drive at your very own pace to every destination.

Compared to many landmarks, hotels and resorts you will be visiting, car rental rates are quite affordable.  Spending is much lower than riding around in the island in expensive taxis.

Given that there are thousands of tourists visiting Langkawi at the same time, lines for taxis at major tourist spots and the airport can be very long.  When you are driving around in your rental, you are able to arrive and leave your destination whenever it is convenient for you.

Apart from driving around and looking at beautiful areas, our clients can also be confident knowing they won't get lost due to the guide service that we provide.  You can  also use your car trunk as moving storage.  That way you won't need to worry about your luggage getting stolen or lost.

Our Services & Cars 

Top-conditioned Cars - The only cars we rent out are ones that are newer than 5 years old.  You only get the latest luxury car, mini-van, sedan, and mini-car models for driving around the city.  Our cars are routinely inspected by our competent mechanics to make sure that they are fit for driving around the island for your entire stay here.  All of our vehicles are well-maintained, cleaned and equipped with insurance to make sure you get the best cars only.  

Pick-up and Drop-Off Points - Customers who already have a car rental books may be picked up by our drivers and dropped off at one of our specified locations.  clients may choose from several different major locations in Langkawi and Penang including the major airports so that you can start driving your car immediately.

Online Booking - Our website has an online book page that allows clients to book their cars and pay for them from home.  All you need to do is put in your information and get your arrival and departure times scheduled and then pay in order to get your booking finalized. It really is that easy.

Why You Should Choose Us 

We founded Big Thumb Rent-A-Car Ventures more than 5 years ago.  We have been able to develop our system which works very well in providing our customers with premium service.  Our well-trained staff and quality cars ensure that we can provide the highest quality of service.

The services that we offer rive those of many international car rental companies located in Malaysia's major airports.  What that means is that clients don't feel any difference when availing our services versus using a foreign car service for getting them to their various destinations.

We provide our customers with rates that attract them due to the fact that we offer among the islands' lowest car rental rates.  We also offer regular promos that make these even more affordable.  In addition, our company offers rates that are even more affordable for clients renting cars for a month or a week.

Before renting our cars, customers are asked to present their driver's licenses and social passes.  This provides us with the information we need for monitoring our clients and ensure that clients know how to drive so that accidents can be prevented.        

Critical Terms and Conditions 

Insurance claims in Malaysia for transportation follow standard insurance.  Clients don't need to worry about having to pay for all of the damage should they have an accident with their rental.  The amount they will pay is excess over the coverage.

Clients may also take advantage of CDW as an optional feature.  Our clients are able to get extra coverage from claims that third parties may have whenever they are in an accident.  This option can be purchased for a small fee that covers any property damage or injury they incur while renting a vehicle.

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